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Gujrat Tour Packages to Dwarka & Gir Forest

₹5,499 Dwarka Somnath Group Tour

Dwarka Somnath Group Tour

0 review(s) 3 days
₹14,499 Dwarka Somnath Diu Group Tour

Dwarka Somnath Diu Group Tour

0 review(s) 6 days
₹9,999 Dwarka Somnath Gir Group Tour

Dwarka Somnath Gir Group Tour

0 review(s) 6 days
₹10,999 Dwarka Somnath Diu Group Tour

Dwarka Somnath Gir Diu Group Tour

0 review(s) 7 days
₹7,499 Dwarka Somnath Tour

Dwarka Somnath Tour Package

0 review(s) 3 days
₹14,999 Dwarka Somnath Diu Tour Package

Dwarka Somnath Diu Tour Package

0 review(s) 6 days
₹14,499 Dwarka Somnath Gir Tour

Dwarka Somnath Gir Tour Package

0 review(s) 6 days
₹15,499 Dwarka Somnath Diu Group Tour

Dwarka Somnath Gir Diu Tour Package

0 review(s) 7 days

Gujrat Tourism


Gujarat is a home to incredible diversity due to its geographic and strategic location. Its Gujarati pride and rich cultural reflects in their lifestyle. Gujarat Tour Packages offer wide range of Heritage Monuments, music, literature, religious traditions, cuisine, fairs and festivals in every city. Gujarat is located on the country’s western coast, on the Arabian Sea. Gujarat is also known by the title of “The Land of the Legends”. Gujarat Tourism has launched “Khushboo Gujarat Ki” (fragrance of Gujarat) campaign with Shri Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador, to promote various tourism. Gandhinagar is the State Capital of Gujarat. Named after ‘Gandhi’, the father of the nation, it is situated 32 kms away from Ahmedabad and is proudly the best planned city in India. The Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar city is one of the biggest temples in India, and it is a major pilgrim destination that many people swarm to. This temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and was built by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha.

Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot are some major cities of Gujarat which have been located to have the best of tradition, history, architecture, culture and philosophy of Gujarat in an atmosphere of luxury, beauty and comfort. Apart from these city Dwarka, Somnath, Gir, Junagadh, Jamnagar, Kutch, Bhuj, Lothal, Patan and Diu are the major tourist destination, which attracts tourist from around the world.

Ahmedabad situated in the heart of Gujarat is a bustling metropolitan city with top tourist attractions like River Front, Riverfront Flower Park, Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram), Kankaria Lake, The Calico Museum of Textile, Adalaj Stepwell, Vintage Car Museum, Gujarat Science City, Hathisingh Jain Temple, Sidisaiyed Mosque, Jhulata Minar, Law Garden Night Market, Vaishano Devi Temple and Serkhej Roza Etc. City offer best choice for shopping Branded things or handicraft etc.

Junagadh is a most popular tourist destination located in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Junagadh is also known as “Sorath”. Junagadh is one of the top rated tourist destination in Gujarat. Junagadh offer picturesque tourist spots like Girnar, Mahabat Maqbara, Uperkot fort, Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden, Damodar Kund and Damodarji Temple, are most favourite of the tourists. Jungadh’s main attraction, however, remains the Girnar hill, located towards the east of the city. Girnar Hill is an extinct volcano, which has been a holy site for Buddhist, Jains and Hindus since the 3rd century BC. Junagadh Tour is experience of old world charm and houses several remnants dating back to the medieval era. A tour to Junagadh will allow everyone to capture the different facets and true essence of Gujarat.

Dwarka is one of the Chardhams, four sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites, and is one of the Sapta Puri, the seven most ancient religious cities in the country. Dwarka is often identified with the Dwarka Kingdom, the ancient kingdom of Krishna, and is believed to have been the first capital of Gujarat. The mystique city located on the banks of River Gomti, Dwarka has the story of over 2,500 years to tell. DWARKADHISH Temple Constructed around the 15th century, this temple is home to black marbled Lord Krishna’s Idol. It is designed as per Chaulkya style using high-quality limestone. It is also believed that Vajranabha, the grandson of Lord Krishna, created this temple. This 5 storied temple also famous as Jagat Mandir. It has a museum where they display highly expensive sculptures, which support historical and mythological facts. Dwarka means ‘gates of heaven’ and this becomes almost true when you see the entrance of Dwarkadhish temple. Unlike other temples, it has two entrances, the northern one is called Moksha Dwara, and southern entrance is called Swarga Dwara. There are more tourist places and temple like Rukmini Temple, This temple is dedicated to the Wife of Lord Krishna. It situated at the distance of just 2 km from Dwarkadheesh Temple. Gopi Talav is next tourist spot, Gopi Talav is a mid size lake located around 20 kms from Dwarka on the way to Bet Dwarka. The soil here is fine and smooth bearing a yellow color and is believed to have divine properties that can cure many diseases, especially those related to skin. Today, many tourists purchase this soil, popularly known as Gopi Chandan, as a token of their visit. Nageshwar Jyotrilinga It is one of the first Jyotirlingas to be established and is believed to be the seat of Divine power of Lord Shiva. This Jyotirlinga has the power to protect beholders and worshippers from all kinds of poisons especially snake poisons. Bet Dwarka is an extremely sacred pilgrimage destination which is believed to have been the original home of Lord Krishna during his years spent in Dwarka as a king. The land is located off the coast of Dwarka on Gulf of Kutch. The other name for Bet Dwarka is Bet Shankhodara.

Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kutch Nahi Dekha – A true value tag line given by Gujarat Tourism. “White Salty desert” of India and also it is reputed to be the largest salt desert in the world. Rann of Kutch, the white desert streche over an area of 7500 Kms, it is filled with water during Monsoon season and port monsoon it gets dried-up and turns in to White Desert. You can enjoy the best iconic and romantic view of White Desert in Full Moon Light. Runn Utsav is a festival started by Gujarat Tourism in Dhordo, during this 3 months festival desert land come to life. This festival is celebration of tradition, Culture and folk. Bujodi Handicraft Village known as fashion Street of Kutch and best place to buy a handicrafts. Pride of King, Vijay VilasPalace, Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Mandavi Beach, Swaminarayan Temple, Kutch Museum, Dholavira, Hodka Villag, Little Rann of Kutch and Lakhpat are the main attraction in Kutch district.